Global Punjab TV ‘Live Broadcast’ Of Historic 26th New York City Sikh Day Parade

Global Punjab TV, Channel # 739 on DISH Network created history by broadcasting the 26th historic New York Sikh Day Parade LIVE on its platform to reach the community all over the North American Continent. The four hour live broadcast covered all the happenings from the parade with four hosts that included Jaspal Shetra, Dr Sukhpal Dhanoa, Jagdev Bhandal and Mandeep Kaur Sidhu from location, Ujjal Satnam and Mandeep Sharma from Studio with Harbux Latta as Head of production. A fast growing Punjab TV network for Global Punjabi, “Global Punjab” TV has won the heart of viewers since its launch in March 2013 with its high quality programming in such a short span. “Global Punjab TV has been launched to serve Global Punjabis with highest quality of programming which is unique and premium. This parade is historic and we are proud to broadcast it live on our platform”, said Jaspal Shetra, President and Founder of Global Punjab TV.

“We are excited to bring the historic parade live to our global Punjabi family, and to help connect with the community all over North America. This is in continuation of our launch effort to bring events live to Punjabi community and “participate”, said Sunil Hali, promoter and CEO of Global Punjab TV. More than 50,000 people rang in the New York City 26th annual Sikh Day Parade celebration Sunday. The parade is held every year in New York by Sikh Cultural Society, Rich-mond Hill, in association with Gurudwaras in the Tri-State area and Sikh organizations in the US and Canada.

Among those who joined the festivities were, President Sikh Cultural Society, Gurdev Singh Kang, Democratic State Senator Tony Avella, Comptroller of the City of New York, John C. Liu, President Baba Makhan Shah Lubana Sikh Center, Gurmej Singh, Vice President Sikh cultural society, Rajinder Singh Lali, Co-founder of Apna Bazar, Jaswinder Singh Johal, Attorney-at-Law Jaspreet Singh and Chairman of Sikh Cultural Society Inc, Mohan Singh Khatda. Senior committee members including Harbans Singh Dhillon, Former President of SCS pubjinder Singh Boparai, Dr Ajrawat, Dr Amarjeet from DC along with senior Gurdwara members from Washington DC and members from more than a dozen Gurdwaras from Tri-state, Pennsylvania and as far as Washington DC among others also participated in the 26th annual Sikh Day Parade in New York City on April 30. The parade started from 36th street and Madison Ave wound its way through the city and ended up at 26the Street of Madison Ave for the final ceremonies. The event is held annually to mark Vaisakhi, a New Year’s celebration and a critical day in the formation of the Sikh religion.

On April 13, 1699, according to Sikh tradition, the faith’s 10th and final prophet, Guru Gobind Singh, created the Khalsa order. The parade included 11 floats and some Gurdwaras from Philadelphia, Connecticut, New Jersey and other Gurudwaras from surrounding cities also marched along with floats. Three marching bands and two Gataka teams performed at the parade as well as. The event marked the birth of Sikhism with traditional music, hymns, prayers, and food served from the langar, a communal kitchen. The streets on the parade route were lined with bowed heads as the Holy Scripture Guru Granth Sahib float passed by. Sikh Cultural Society of Richmond Hill organized the langar, volunteers prepared food for an estimated 50,000 people. Jassa Singh member Shaheed Udham Singh society is serving langar in NYC Sikh Day Parade from Last 25 years.

Plates of freshly prepared vegetable dishes, breads and desserts were given away along with bottled water, sodas and hot tea. Nanak foods served the guest with their delicious products as seva. Thousands marched the parade and held banner bearing statements free Dr. Davinderpal Singh Bhullar and end his death penalty. Justice for 1984 victims and for Dr. Bhullar was the resounding message delivered in the 26th Sikh day parade. Madison avenue was colored in saffron color as thousand covered their head with saffron scarves and turbans. Global Punjab TV channel proudly broadcast the event live to allover United States and Canada.

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